Custom Perfumery: Beta Launch!

When I decided to start my own business nearly three years ago now, I always knew I wanted to offer a custom fragrance creation service as part of my brand. moon mango is all about the joy and artistry of perfumery, after all; custom perfumery offers a way for me to fully share that joy with everyone and anyone who asks!

After practicing my hand at custom fragrance creation with friends and family, I feel ready to offer this service to the public. However, some aspects of the process - such as how exactly I should list custom fragrance creation as a service, how best to keep clients updated as to the status of their custom fragrance, etc. - still need tinkering. This is where you all come in!

Help me work out the kinks of the process, and receive your custom fragrance at a discounted rate! To access our custom fragrance creation service, head to our home page, click the "fragrances" dropdown menu, click the link that says "your unique scent," and fill out the contact form. The format of the listing may change in the future.

For now, while all of us work together on perfecting the process, I will only be offering custom fragrances in the 3mL sample size and 10mL travel size. My goal is to be able to offer full-sized custom fragrances by Autumn 2024.

Help me reach my goal, while helping yourself to find your perfect signature scent! Order a custom fragrance creation today!

-xoxo, moon

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